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The Buffalo Aquifer

Below is a map of
the Buffalo Aquifer.

Below is a listing of the letters associated with this project.

FileDescriptionFile size
Download this file (BRRWD Letter of Support.pdf)BRRWD Letter of Support.pdfBuffalo-Red River Watershed District Letter of Support56 Kb
Download this file (Clay County Letter of Support.pdf)Clay County Letter of Support.pdfClay County Letter of Support304 Kb
Download this file (DNR Response Letter_Oct-2007.pdf)DNR Response Letter_Oct-2007.pdfLett MPS received from the DNR in October 2007.37 Kb
Download this file (MPS Letter of Support.pdf)MPS Letter of Support.pdfMoorhead Public Service Letter of Support54 Kb
Download this file (MPS Letter to DNR_Aug-2007.pdf)MPS Letter to DNR_Aug-2007.pdfLetter MPS sent to the DNR in August 2007122 Kb
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